Why we're better

There’s a gap in the courier, mailing and logistics industry. Small companies tend to offer more personal service but often have limited service capabilities. Larger companies usually offer full capability; however leveraging economies of scale means service is faceless and impersonal.

The problems become really clear when there is a size mismatch between customer and suppliers:

  • Smaller companies cannot service the wider needs of larger customers effectively
  • Larger companies can’t service smaller companies effectively because volumes are low

Crossflight was created to fill this gap. We offer the personal service of a small company with the service capability of a large company. For customers of all sizes Crossflight equates to a win-win.

The service difference

Across our services Crossflight offers a range of service enhancements that lifts our courier, mailing and logistics solutions out of the ordinary.

Competitive courier services

  • Personal Service - We don't rely on a contact centre or an automated telephone system. Your personal account manager is available to anyone in your organisation, not just you.
  • Pro-active Management - Our Customer Services team constantly monitor your shipments to ensure that issues are dealt with before they become problems.
  • Intelligent Routing - We configure our routing software to select the best supplier for any given destination based on continuous assessment of our suppliers' performance.
  • Competitive Rates - Our buying power coupled with the constant review of our supplier rates means that we deliver the excellent service competitively.

Top value mailing services

  • Easy Outsourcing – Moving over to Crossflight is effortless, puts your mail in our expert hands and lets you focus on your core business.
  • Credible - We are an authorised member of Chorus, a Royal Mail scheme. As a wholesaler we meet Royal Mail's strict terms of presentation and are authorised to use Royal Mail's bagging software.
  • Value - Our buying power together with our experience enables us to provide value for money: excellent service at competitive rates.
  • Personal - We have a dedicated team focused on mail; you speak to the same knowledgeable people, never a call centre or have to deal with an automated telephone system.
  • Flexible - From turning quotations around quickly to taking on jobs at short notice, our ‘can-do’ attitude ensures we meet customers' ever-changing needs.

Superior logistics services

  • Trusted Logistics Partner - Our speciality is tailoring our services to meet your needs; harnessing the power of IT we deliver bespoke IT solutions which streamline customers' distribution processes.
  • Tailored Services - We're an agile and proactive organisation, customising high quality services to meet the individual needs of our customers.
  • Bespoke IT - We provide fully integrated systems customised to your needs and bespoke Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) bringing visibility and increase the efficiency of your warehouse.
  • Personal - We have a dedicated team focused on logistics; you speak to the same knowledgeable people and never have to deal with a contact centre or an automated telephone system.
  • Established supplier - We are experts in logistics and work as an extension of your business. Efficient processes and a speedy turnaround of projects make us a valued partner.

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