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Christmas shipping dates

1 - Choosing a courier with AEO certification

Recommended Last Shipping Dates

Express Courier - Christmas 2018

In the lead up to Christmas we experience a high increase in volumes and with this in mind, we have put together our recommended last shipping dates for express courier to ensure your deliveries are made prior to the 24th December 2018.

We encourage customers to identify any particularly time-sensitive UK or international deliveries and contact our customer services department to discuss delivery options to avoid any potential disruptions to your business. We've also listed our mailing cut off dates here.

 Tuesday 18th December  Wednesday 19th December  Thursday 20th December




Far East

South America

Middle East







Useful Shipping Information

With the festive season fast approaching, here at Crossflight, our nearly 30 years of shipping experience enables us to give you some useful information when shipping over the Christmas period.

Many of you may wish to send or receive, various gifts or items you would not normally send, so it’s important to us that you are aware of any restrictions and necessary information prior to shipping. Of course, our Customer Services team is on hand to give you specific advice relevant to your consignment if required but please read the following information for some common examples:

Food Items
Most countries monitor and regulate which food and drink items can be imported into their country. We would suggest if sending “foodstuffs” to any non-EU destination that you check with our Customer Services team prior to shipping. For example, destinations such as the USA and Australia both have extremely strict regulations and additional documentation is required.

Should your consignment contain items which are perishable, or need to be kept at a certain temperature during transit, please contact our Customer Services team with your requirements and we will offer you the best available options.

Again, for non-EU destinations it is possible that an import license could be required. If you are shipping wine, beer or Champagne to any destination, we ask you to check the packaging of the item prior to sending to ensure it is fit for transit.

It is vital for any consignment that the contents are well packed for transit. Crossflight can provide you with a professional packing service*, your consignment will be packed to the highest standard giving you peace of mind that it will arrive at its destination in the same condition in which it left you.

Crossflight can also offer additional insurance* on your delivery by simply clicking the option on myCrossflight, along with the required value for insurance.

Sending of Money
The sending of any type of currency by courier is strictly forbidden and is viewed as a form of money laundering by HMRC.

Lithium batteries
Due to increasing safety concerns raised by the aviation industry, IATA regulations governing the shipping of Lithium Batteries have been reviewed, and consequently tightened with airlines and Crossflight having an obligation and duty of care to enforce these regulations.

Description of Goods and Potential Hazardous Material
Crossflight has a duty of care to all of our agents, airlines and delivery partners both internationally and domestically to ensure all parties are aware of exactly what is being shipped.

We require that all of our clients when completing our shipping paperwork, use the description field to show a detailed description of what is being sent (additional information on this is available by logging onto myCrossflight).

Some commonly found household items could become a potentially hazardous item. Some of these we are sure you are familiar with, but when these items travel in the pressurised hold of an aircraft they pose a potential risk.

We have a specialist team at Crossflight who can assist with the shipping of these items and will guide you through the process but we have listed a few examples below:
  • Champagne & Aerosols - due to the container being pressurised this could explode on the aircraft
  • Makeup – nail varnish and perfume could have a high alcohol content which makes them flammable
Should you require any more information on the destinations or items mentioned please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Services team at cs@crossflight.com or call us on 01753 776000.