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Customs Declarations


One of the key changes from 1st January 2021 is the requirement for a Customs Declaration for all non-document shipments from the UK to the EU and from the EU to the UK.


It is critical that you show as much information as possible on your invoice to help ensure your consignment is declared to customs correctly, both on export and arrival at the destination country.


Our online shipping software, myCrossflight, will automatically offer to create a shipping invoice for you and will prompt you to enter the necessary information or you can, of course, use your own invoice - but we strongly recommend you include the following information:


  • Complete delivery address with contact details (phone number or email address)
  • Full and complete description of goods
  • Reason for export
  • Value for Customs purposes
  • Country of origin
  • Commodity Codes (HS Codes)


The Commodity Code (HS Code) is a number which classifies goods for export and import and determines the rate of duty and VAT. The Commodity Code will also advise you if duty is suspended, if you need a licence to ship your goods and if your goods are covered by any policies and tariff quotas.


You can view more information and look up commodity codes on the government website, here.


Whilst Brexit is presenting all companies with challenges, we continue to work closely with our clients and remain fully committed to supporting you with your shipping requirements. Should you have any questions or wish to talk to one of our dedicated Brexit team please do not hesitate to email us at brexit@crossflight.com.


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