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Keeping you up to date on the issues that affect courier, mailing and logistics.


Crossflight in the Netherlands

17 August 2021

  Crossflight in the Netherlands   Brexit has brought significant challenges and changes to our industry, and to our clients when shipping from the UK into EU destinations.   Many of our clients work ...

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Brexit - Changes to EU VAT Rules & Introduction of IOSS

26 May 2021

  Changes to EU VAT Rules and the introduction of IOSS from 1st July 2021   Currently, non-document consignments sent into the EU with a value under €22 are not subject to VAT. From 1st July 2021 VAT ...

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Brexit - Shipping to EU Countries

02 March 2021

  Shipping to EU Countries   NEW RULES & REGULATIONS   Since 1st January 2021 the rules and regulations for shipping into and out of Europe from and to the UK have changed. For your consignment ...

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Brexit - The Clock is Ticking - VAT

10 December 2020

  The Clock is Ticking - VAT   VAT IMPLICATIONS & RESPONSIBILITIES AFTER 1ST JANUARY 2021   As the UK is currently part of the Customs Union and Single Market, when exporting non-documents to the ...

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The Clock is Ticking

04 November 2020

  The Clock is Ticking   IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION COMPLETING CUSTOMS DECLARATIONS     One of the key changes from 1st January 2021 is the requirement for a Customs Declaration for all ...

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