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COVID-19 Update: Keep your supply chain moving

As we all continue to watch the world unite to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Crossflight appreciates how vital and essential our role on behalf of our clients is to keep their supply chain moving.


Keeping the wheels turning

Many countries are closing borders and major airlines are restricting passenger flights into these destinations, but it's important to remember that at the moment courier and cargo flights are unaffected.

We are still able to collect from your workplace, home address or collect and receive deliveries directly from your suppliers in order to support your own business and the collective effort to keep our industries trading.

We can produce all shipping paperwork and arrange collection and delivery through the services which your company chooses Crossflight to manage.

We appreciate that this will be a challenging time for all concerned but should you require any shipping assistance we ask that you email cs@crossflight.com or call us on 01753 776000 and our Client Services team will do everything possible to assist you.



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