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5 Examples of Courier Services and How They Make Your Life Easier

The right courier for your business can eliminate all of the issues surrounding delays, items being held up at borders or even going missing entirely. Different couriers offer different types of services. It’s important to know what these services are and how they can benefit your business if you’re to pick the courier that best suits your specific needs.


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The courier that works best for you should be able to provide the speed, security and service your business requires. Explore the different types of courier services and how they can be advantageous below:


Next-Day Delivery

Millennials now make 54 percent of their purchases online and next-day is an efficient solution for deliveries of this kind. This courier service is ideal for last-minute delivery requests and can help solve internal deadline issues.

Real-time tracking and updates are generally expected with next-day delivery, which can cut down customer enquiries as all of the information they need regarding their package is available through a tracking number. Or, you can go one step further and get in touch with a dedicated customer service team.

By having access to this feature, you and your customers can easily check the exact status of your goods, rather than generic updates.


Same-Day Delivery

When tomorrow is too late, same-day courier service can be the answer. Although this service is usually only available in certain locations, it can give your business that competitive edge.

If you need to ship items as an emergency, then it’s beneficial to work with a courier service that offers this type of delivery. It means you don’t miss crucial deadlines, you can focus on other business tasks and you’d be safe in the knowledge that a reliable courier service has this sorted for you.

Look to work with a courier service that emphasises building a good relationship. They can create bespoke solutions and even fit in last-minute requests for you, such as same-day services.


International Delivery

International courier services can deliver your items to countries all over the world. However, the price of an international courier will always vary on the size of the shipment and also the speed that you need them to reach the destination.

A good courier will always provide shipment tracking so that you can tell where the shipment is currently at. For example, postal services don’t offer tracking unless requested and even then, they’re usually only basic updates. With couriers, they always offer this feature and you receive accurate, detailed updates at all times.

Such services make your life easier by giving you greater visibility. Or, you can pick up the phone to contact a proactive customer service team, like Crossflight, who are on hand at all hours of the day to answer questions or queries. This will keep you and your customers in the know at all times.

If you’re already shipping internationally, you’ll know the struggle to keep it cost-effective and timely. You want to make sure items arrives safely and that shouldn't mean compromising on delivery dates.

You don’t want your packages refused or unclaimed because of customs fees. The right courier will be upfront about these costs before shipping and handle it accordingly.


Intelligent Routing

Experienced couriers use intelligent routing to find the most optimal route for deliveries. It works by taking a handful of important factors into consideration when couriers decide what route that particular shipment will take. 

Typically, couriers might choose a journey that has been tried and tested before and something they believe might be the most efficient and successful route for their client.

However, that’s not always the case. With intelligent routing, factors like customs, geography and even service affecting weather conditions come into play. In the end, it’s all about finding the optimal route for your shipments and all of these can have an impact.

The system  isn’t really used by many couriers in the industry, even though it has many benefits for businesses.

Now that you know of the different examples of courier services and how they can make your life much easier, it’s time to see what else separates couriers and what you should look out for when making a decision


Onboard Courier 

Large, worldwide couriers or even smaller postal services might not offer this extra service. But for the ultimate level of care and attention for important packages and confidential documents, an onboard courier service is a good decision.

An experienced courier should be able to take care of everything to ensure a smooth delivery when speed and security are paramount, giving you extra peace of mind.

This option ensures your items never leave the sight of the courier and the priority is to transport them safely and deliver them on time. They should know all of the requirements and what to provide to clear your goods through customs smoothly, as the right courier service will have an expert level of knowledge.


Make Your Life Easier with a Superior Courier Service

To assist you with making the right choice when it comes to choosing a courier service, we’ve put together a free checklist. With years of courier experience, we’re able to advise on all of the features you should look out for when picking a courier to work with to provide these services.

Explore those features are and learn about everything else you need to know when choosing the right courier for your service, download the checklist now.

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