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The Importance of Choosing the Right Export Courier Service

Choosing the right export courier service is vital, especially since it can directly affect the productivity and efficiency of your business. Obviously, it can be tempting to endlessly search for the cheapest option around, but a tempting price doesn’t always mean you’ll receive a high-quality service. Here’s why it’s so important you choose the right export courier service for your business.


Proactive Approach


The right export courier will offer a more proactive approach rather than reactive for when potential problems arise. There’s no denying that small mistakes can always creep through when exporting goods, but what separates the right export courier service from the rest is that they proactively manage your deliveries as opposed to effectively waiting for issues to arise to then fix.

With a dedicated customer service team on hand, the courier service you choose should consistently monitor your shipments to ensure that issues are dealt with before they even become problems.

For your business, that means it’s one less headache. You don’t need to worry about your international shipments because your courier should be able to take care of it for you. You’re then able to focus on your core business and let your export courier service take responsibility.



Exporting goods for your business isn’t always a straightforward process. For example, last-minute jobs and minor amends that may need to be made are common occurrences and challenges to overcome. That’s where a good and reliable export courier service can be highly beneficial.

Rather than running the risk of working with a courier service offering an approach where they can’t meet your needs, do some in-depth research beforehand about courier services. Check out reviews and what other businesses in your position have had to say about how flexible or inflexible they’ve been in their experience working with them.

Your business will benefit greatly by choosing an export courier service that offers flexibility. Whether it’s being able to turn quotations around quickly for those last-minute shipments to taking on jobs on short notice, the right courier service that should be able to offer a ‘can-do’ attitude.

This means they can meet your ever-changing needs which reduces the need for you to compromise.

Real-Time Updates and Shipment Tracking


Exporting goods can be a time-sensitive task, especially if you work with clients and customers that need regularly updating about their shipments. That’s why it's important you choose an export courier service that takes a proactive approach towards providing you with real-time updates.

It’s also beneficial if you’re reporting to a senior colleague and they’re chasing up the current status of a shipment. An export courier service that offers this means you can update everyone with the exact status and not what was reported an hour earlier in the previous update.

This should be a top priority for your business when searching for an export courier service. Real-time updates and shipment tracking offers you that extra, much-needed peace of mind. That greater visibility is a welcomed addition.



Experience is a big factor that can have plenty of knock-on benefits for your business. An export courier service with years of experience and a successful track record of helping businesses worldwide suggests they’re more reliable and a risk-free option compared to newer or less-established alternatives.

Plus, a high level of experience is a massive benefit for your business in the sense that an experienced export courier service will have a comprehensive understanding of customs clearance requirements, so the process can be more streamlined.

For example, an experienced export courier service can receive an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certification. There are reportedly only 702 of these in the UK and not all of them are couriers. It’s essentially a quality mark which indicates that the export courier service is secure and that the procedures and custom controls are both compliant and efficient.

The benefit this certification has for a business like yours is that your shipments can reach your destination much quicker and easier. Plus, you don’t have to worry about security controls either.

A newer and less-established export courier service is less likely to receive this accreditation as it’s something that can occur over time. While it’s not compulsory, it’s still a nice-to-have and great for extra peace of mind.

Build a Relationship


Finally, it’s important to choose the right courier export service because you can actually build a relationship between your business and your courier. Sometimes, it’s nice to put faces and names behind a courier service and it’s often not achievable through services that may only offer a one-size-fits-all approach.

It’s nice to not feel just like another regular customer and depending on the courier service you choose, the relationship that can be formed can result in other benefits. This can range from anything between an export courier service completing ad-hoc requests right through to more complex projects.

That’s a crucial difference, as a courier service you can’t build a relationship with perhaps won’t offer to manage more bespoke solutions to support your business.

Make Sure You Choose the Right Export Courier Service to Work With


For your business to really enjoy the benefits a reliable export courier service can bring, you need to be absolutely sure you’re picking the right one. To help you stay in the best position possible to confidently choose the right export courier service for you, we’ve created a free comparison guide for international exports.

To get your free copy, click the link below.

Crossflight v Other Couriers