CDW Case Study: Crossflight’s Proactive Clearance Service



For CDW's Supply Chain Manager, Barry Harber:

“An exceptional end user experience is something CDW sells as a differentiator and it is important that we use partners that have the same philosophy.”

At Crossflight we understand that customers, especially IT resellers, want to work with a partner that has global capabilities, yet one that provides exception flexibility and is capable of providing scalability in line with their own growth.

The challenge

When you’re sending high value IT equipment to emerging territories shipping is the easy bit; one of the more complex components is clearing it. This is why CDW needs to work with a company that specialises in licencing restrictions and hassle free shipping.

The solution

Crossflight provides CDW  with a Proactive Clearance service which streamlines the clearance and delivery of  CDW’s high-value IT equipment to emerging markets.

The key element of this process is to lay the groundwork even before the goods are received into Crossflight’s warehouse for shipping. Crossflight plays a key part in CDW’s distribution chain because even before CDW confirm an order, Crossflight is discussing clearance procedures with its partner offices and providing CDW’s sales effort with transparency into shipping processes.

Crossflight submits a shipping invoice to its partner office who works with local customs offices to establish customs clearance procedures for that potential order. In addition, Crossflight makes contact with the end user to establish the licencing requirements and if the end user is in a position to assist with clearance. This process ensures that the end user is provided with all the necessary information on how to proceed which reduces chances of future bottlenecks when clearing the items.

Crossflight is not restricted to one delivery network and this flexibility means that, for instance, if the end user has a clearing agent appointed, Crossflight will adapt and match their clearing process locally.

The results

Identifying customs clearance requirements and establishing communication channels with local contacts works towards minimising delays and ensures that both CDW and the end user use the most efficient and streamlined delivery service available.

CDW’s Supply Chain Manager confirms the value gained from this service:

“We switched to using Crossflight in 2008 and have never looked back. They have enabled CDW to grow its international business through its unique offering of engagement and support.”

By involving Crossflight in their distribution chain, CDW are able to ensure that they can turnaround deliveries both professionally and speedily in order to compete with local markets and maintain the highest level of service for the end user.

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