Working in partnership with Lewis Silkin

Lewis Silkin


Lewis Silkin is a corporate and commercial law firm, specialising in employment, media and real estate law.

A longstanding customer of Crossflight, Lewis Silkin recognises the benefit of using a supplier that understands the nature of their business.

The requirement

Lewis Silkin have clients worldwide including those based in the US, Asia-Pacific region and Indian subcontinent and send a wide range of international mail to them – up to 600 items a day.

Lewis Silkin’s Director of Business Development, Business Services, Mark Grant states one of their primary objectives with regards to their mail:

“We have to manage our budgets carefully and it’s important that we find the best available method for sending items overseas.”

The solution

The solution was for Crossflight to post all of Lewis Silkin’s international mail by International Destination Sort, including its bi-monthly newsletter which goes to around 1,900 recipients.

Crossflight’s role is to take the hassle out of mailing by handling everything, from collection of mail to letter printing, addressing, fulfilment and posting. On behalf of the customer Crossflight sort mail by service, destination, format and zip, and in addition, Crossflight manage customers’ returns.

The results

Lewis Silkin are able to better use their resources to focus on what they do best by handing their mail to Crossflight.

The benefit is not only that they save money and time, but it also affords them complete peace of mind that their mail is in the hands of experts. Mark Grant highlights:

“Crossflight use Royal Mail’s International Destination Sort service, which is not only cost-
effective but delivers efficiently, too, important when you’re in regular contact with clients. Crossflight collects the mail from us daily so we don’t have to devote resources to dealing with it in-house."

Because Crossflight handles large volumes of mail for many clients, Crossflight benefit from discounts which are passed on to customers. It’s an efficient way to help both Lewis Silkin, and other customers, save on standard postage costs.

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